This website provides information about our routing policy, and how customers can control their prefixes inside our network. 

EdgeUno have a selective peering policy, and our network pop and ix presence information can be found updated at  

Local Preference 

By default, all received customer routes are assigned a local preference of 300 in Edgeuno Backbone. Customer can change this preference using the following BGP communities: 

Community Local Preference Effect 
7195:290 290 Used to customer backup when multihomed to Edgeuno Backbone 
7195:200 200 Set preference equal to peer routes 
7195:100 100 Set preference equal to transit routes 

Traffic Engineering

The use of these communities allows the customer to prevent their prefixes from being advertised to specific peers or prepend their routes to a subset of peers. 

Not all our peers are eligible for traffic engineering. Below we have a table with a list of peers and transit connections that accept this manipulation. 

Traffic engineering communities are formatted   AAYZZ : ASN   where: 

AA   Private code and will be always 64. 

Y   Action code where: 

0 – Suppress the announce 

1 – Prepends 1 AS-SET inside Edgeuno backbone 

2 – Prepends 2 AS-SET inside Edgeuno backbone 

3 – Prepends 3 AS-SET inside Edgeuno backbone 

ZZ  Country Code where: 

01 – USA 

51  Peru 

52 – Mexico 

54 – Argentina  

55 – Brazil  

56 – Chile  

57 – Colombia  

Example:   64055:6762 will suppress the announce of tagged prefix to AS6762 (Sparkle) in Brazil. 

                    64357:3356 will add three as-path prepends in prefixes announced to CenturyLink in Colombia 

Edgeuno ASN Peers eligible to traffic engineering: 

ASN Country Role 
63000 N/A All Transit Connections in that country 
65000 N/A All Peering Connections in that country 
22356 USA Transit – AS22356
65001 USA FL-IX 
65002 USA NOTA 
3356 Colombia Transit – 3356 
6762 Colombia Transit – 6762  
52320 Colombia Transit – 52320 
65001 Colombia Nap of Colombia 
65002 Colombia Equinix Colombia Internet Exchange 
3356 Chile Transit – 3356 
6762 Chile Transit – 6762  
65001 Chile Peering PitChile
65100 Chile All Private Peerings in PIT Chile 
3356 Argentina Transit – 3356 
6762 Argentina Transit – 6762  
65001 Argentina CABASE – Camara Argentina de Internet 
3356 Brazil Transit – 3356
3549 Brazil Transit – 3549 
22356 Brazil Transit – 22356  
13786 Brazil Transit – 13786 
65001 Brazil IX.BR Sao Paulo 
65002 Brazil Equinix São Paulo  


Customers can use special community 7195:666 to discard traffic destined to hosts inside Edgeuno (and transit partners). Only /32 and /128 masks are accepted for the use of this community and only for prefix-range already configured in customer prefix-list.  

Community Effect 
7195:666 Blackhole Traffic