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Customer Service: More Important Every Day

Thanks to technology, customers are no longer the same today as they were a few years ago, it’s an indisputable […]

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How to Choose Your Infrastructure and Connectivity Provider

Once you have decided to take the leap and get on the cloud, the next step is to choose the […]

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Datacenter: The Heart of the Internet and Your Best Ally

A digitized world It’s a reality that more and more people have parallel lives, the digital world is an important […]

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Colombia: Calle 100 #8A 55 C tower, office 605 - World Trade Center

Email: support@edgeuno.com
Phone: USA +1-352-888-7195
Colombia (+57) -1- 4873939
Founded in Silicon Valley by former Equinix, Microsoft and Yahoo! Executives EdgeUno provides unparalleled datacenter and managed cloud services for companies focused on expanding their presence in Latin America.

As a customer service-oriented business, we understand that most large multinational customers would rather work with a company that can give them infrastructure at a national or global scale, which is why we are focusing our efforts on bringing our services to the entirety of South America, as well as other surrounding areas. Whether you want to take the “hands-on” approach with your model or the EdgeUno-guided model, we can offer you the service you need.